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Philippe Michéa - Salaison Ogier

Philippe Michéa

Philippe Michéa Salaison

Who is he ?

Philippe Michéa, Master sausage maker has received several awards for the quality of our dried sausages as well as those to cook Lyonnais style.

He was born in Morteau, (the region named after the famous sausage) in the Haut-Doubs, a 3 hour drive from Lyon.

His passion for gastronomy

He has practiced his gastronomic art in the Lyon region since 1978. He is particularly known for the ingenuity of his work that combines authenticity and originality. He works with as much dexterity in meat and charcuterie as in cooking and baking.

Past President of the Rhône-Alpes Association of Master Caterers he received the gold medal from the city of Meyzieu. He was also a medalist at the SIHRA international exhibition of the gourmet food industry, for the best Lyonnais graton in 1998 and quenelle in 2004.

His expertise, having been recognized throughout the region, means he is often invited as a juror to the most prestigious competitions.

His specialization in curing meat

Philippe MICHEA is a great Master meat curer, receiving several awards for making our dry sausages as well as those to cook Lyonnais style. He spent six years as an honorable member of the Board of Directors of the Union of the Charcuterie Lyonnaise. He received the Gold Medal for the best sausage of the Confrérie of Saint Antoine, the highest possible recognition of his expertise in the field of French sausages.

In 2010, Philippe MICHEA took control of Salaison M. Ogier, a small traditional company founded in 1938. He brings to sausage curing his exactitude and competence in the selection of the finest materials as well as his creativity in developing new recipes. This year he has increased the possibilities of the company by a merger with Spanish colleagues.