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Contrôle Qualité - Salaison Ogier

Quality Control

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Our traceability system is organized through our HACCP plan and is computerized.

Each product is identified by a number, from receipt of the meat to delivery to the distributor. It’s all about traceability.
This allows us to recall any product as soon as possible in the event of non-compliance.
Des analyses chimiques et bactériologiques sont effectuées tout au long de l’année afin d’assurer à nos clients un produit de qualité.
We conduct tastings in order to verify the conformity and quality of our products.
Veterinary services from the Ministry of agriculture, and external auditors assure unbiased control checks to ensure the reliability and vigorous compliance of our quality policy and standards.


Carried out at all stages of production, they consist mainly of temperature controls, visual inspection, weighing, pH monitoring, steaming... All our results are stored and are subject to corrective action where necessary.

The bacteriological controls

They apply to:

  • raw materials
  • the finished products
  • work surfaces and personal hygiene

Data is collected according to an annual control plan and analyzed by COFRAC's accredited independent laboratories.

The manufacturing process and control thereof

We have put all the necessary processes in place for your safety and your satisfaction:

Reception area of raw materials


Arrival of raw materials

  • Verification: control of temperature, weight, smell and visual inspection
  • A batch number is allocated upon reception
  • Traceability (up and downstream)

Spice room


Control of spices

Storage and preparation of seasonings




  • Weighing
  • Mincing
  • Kneading (blending of the mixture)
  • Stuffing, tying and placing on the rail

Steaming and drying

Drying rooms

Drying rooms

  • Hot rooms-allows and encourages acidification
  • Drying rooms: placement depending on the age of sausages




  • Brushing
  • Powdering
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Labelling
  • Traceability (downstream)



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