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You have the opportunity to buy our famous products in selection boxes direct online, containing traditional Monts du Lyonnais specialities.

Choose one of our pre-packed boxes of dry cured sausages, or sausages ready to cook, or make your own selection according to your preferences..

Les Monts “des Monts du Lyonnais” sont le fruit d’une véritable innovation derived from traditional techniques.
Based on pork but without skin, allowing a basic simple taste enhanced by the different choice of coatings according to your preference.A real tour of the culinary world.
The principle: disappearance of the skin, wrap replaced by a coating of spices with as variants

  • a fresh goat cheese Medallion within the product
  • a fine mixed vegetables fresh and pork
  • coatings of different flavours food spices

Parboiled and refined as a cheese on spruce boards in our dryers vented to natural wind.

Minimum amount by value: 25€ Duty Free!
Maximum amount by weight: 30kg **
** ** ** **

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