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Dry cured beef

Dry cured beef


Dry cured Beef: a typical product of the Monts du Lyonnais, easy to eat and nutritious, it helps to always have some at home: an original product with a unique taste.

Spécialité de viande de bœuf séchée.

Pièce de muscle de bœuf entière et séchée

Viande de bœuf exclusivement

Without colouring.

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This dry cured Monts du Lyonnais beef has an unusual rectangular shape and deep color.

Dry curing meat traditionally allows the preservation highly nutritious meat.
This beef, of French origin, dry cured at altitude, is an original product that will continue to amaze your guests, especially for holiday meals.

Often served thinly sliced with bread. Cut into slices or small cubes, it can also give body to soup.


Vacuum packed

Storage guidance: less than 18°C.

Contents of our 400gm (minimum weight after drying) dry cured beef

Ingredients: Beef origin France (168gm of meat per 100gm of finished product), salt, spices, Marc de Bourgogne, sugar, preservatives: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, fermenters.

Average nutritional values per 100gm: 869kJ/207kcal energy, 4.4gm fat including: 1.4gm saturated fatty acids, 1.8gm carbohydrates including: 0.4gm sugars, 34.8gm protein, salt 3.8gm.

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