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Rosette de Lyon

Rosette de Lyon


The genuine Rosette de Lyon: in the tradition of an exceptional sausage.


From Beaujolais, the rosette de Lyon owes its name to the pork stocking in which it is encased and whose diameter narrows. Placed in a net and then dried, it is a beacon of French salting, internationally appreciated.


Under a net, sprinkled wtih flour, shrink-wrapped and banded.

Storage guidance: less than 18°C.

Contents of 450gm Rosette de Lyon

Lean pork and pork fat (150gm per 100gm of finished product), salt, LACTOSE, spices including PEPPER,
sucrose, conservative: potassium nitrate, enzymes, natural gut, fine flour.

Traditional methods require that the casings are natural and that the only additive used is saltpeter.

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Weight 0.450 kg