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Jésus de Lyon

Jésus de Lyon


A cousin of the Lyon rosette type, the Jesus de Lyon is an exceptional traditional dry cured Lyon sausage.

Like all our products, it can be traced in the VPF system.

Only natural skin:various parts of pig intestine, 'rosette de porc',

the string attached by tying or a clip



The Jesus de Lyon is contained in a net which gives it its special appearance and its unusual pear shape. It is subject to a particularly important maturing phase which refines the taste of the finished product. It is thus a charcuteier beacon in Lyon's cuisine, and is appreciated internationally.


The cotton thread is closed, the sausage is dusted with fine flour then placed in a cellophane wrapper.

Storage guidance: less than 18°C.

Ingredients of the 400gm Jésus de Lyon

Ingredients: pork origin France (145gm per 100gm of finished product), salt, LACTOSE, long-aged brandy, sugar, dextrose, spices, preservatives-potassium nitrate, fermenters. natural skin, rice flour

Average nutritional values per 100gm: energy 1578kJ/393kcal, fat 28.8gm including: saturated fatty acids 11.6gm, carbohydrates 3.8gm including: sugars 1.7gm, protein 25.9gm, salt 3.7gm.

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