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Pressed dry cured ham

Pressed dry cured ham


Dry cured pressed ham: a dried product from the Monts du Lyonnais, practical in its shape, it helps to always have enough of it at home to satisfy a gourmet.

Another speciality: dry cured pressed ham.

Muscle and sinew removed.

Using only pure pork.

Without colouring.

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This Pressed Raw Ham from the Monts du Lyonnais, provides tasty flavors on a plate of good charcuterie: it develops typical taste and aromatic qualities.

Salting is the start of the long maturing process.
During this period, several processes are at work which change the ham's appearance and flavor: movement from one room to another with consequent changes in temperature and humidity allow the salt to penetrate the flesh which ideally loses much of its weight and fat.

Ham often graced royal tables. Reserved for special occasions, it was very popular under the Roman Empire and was on emperors' tables. It was also associated with the celebrations of Holy Week (prohibition of eating cooked meat) at the time of the Middle Ages.


Vacuum packed

Storage guidance: less than 18°C.

Composition of the 400g pressed dry cured raw ham (the weight is approximate)

Ingredients: Pork origin France (154gm of meat for 100gm of finished product), salt, spices, wine, sugar, preservatives: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite, fermenters.

Average nutritional values per 100gm: energy 878kJ/210kcal, fats 9.1gm including: saturated fatty acids 3.7gm, carbohydrates 1,3gm including: sugars 0.4gm, protein 30.4gm, salt 4.1gm.

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