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Colis de Saucissons Secs Campagne 320g - Salaison Ogier

A box of dry cured 320gm sausage

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A pure pork dry-cured every day Lyonnais country sausage: it is the product of more than 2000 years of know-how.

Like all our products, it can be traced in the VPF system.

No artificial colouring.


These dry cured sausages from our Country range will delight your taste buds.
Ideal for snacks, it fits easily onto a plate of charcuterie.

The sausage is a dry cured product, which gives the highest natural protein value (rich in essential amino acids).
Dry curing results in a concentration of the nutrient contents; a snack rich in protein causes a feeling of fullness, which significantly reduces the energy requirement of the day.

Dry cured sausages also contain B vitamins that play an important role in the functioning of the nervous system, blood circulation and the formation of red blood cells.
You also find iron and magnesium, other elements of the recommended daily intake.


Dry Cured Sausages Box content of:

  • 5Kg is about 15 sausages
  • 10Kg is about 30 sausages
  • 15Kg is about 45 sausages
  • 20Kg is about 60 sausages

Ringed, dusted with fine flour and cellophane wrapped.

Storage guidance: less than 18°C.

Contents of our dry cured pure pork 320g sausage

Ingredients: French Pork:150gm for 100gm of finished product, salt, LACTOSE, long-aged brandy, sugar, dextrose, spices, preservatives-potassium nitrate, fermenters. natural skin, rice flour

Average nutritional values per 100gm: energy 1584kj/394kcal, fat 28.9gm including: saturated fatty acids 11.6gm, carbohydrates 3.8gm including: sugars 1.7gm, protein 26gm, salt 3.8gm

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