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Salaison Ogier - par Philippe Michéa

End of year selection box

This year we are again offering wonderful selections that will allow you to enjoy choosing our best products.

A perfect way to discover or rediscover
the variety of flavours
typical of the Lyonnais mountains.

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Take advantage of it quickly (while stocks last!)

Cook a Lyonnais Sausage in a Brioche.

500 gm 'ready to cook' sausage with pistachios

Our unique French sausage in brioche is one of the unbeatable dishes of Lyon gastronomy,very often served in one of Lyon's famous bouchons (traditional restaurants).

The sausage is literally its heart, the beautiful golden crust gives it a generosity and flavour the greed for which is unmatched.

But how do the Lyonnais cook this traditional dish that has brought them international renown for centuries? That's their secret!