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Bienvenue dans notre Salaison !

Philippe Michéa

We are happy to welcome you to the site of our entirely artisanal salaison.

The Salaison Ogier is a company specialized in the mountain charcuterie of the Monts du Lyonnais that benefits from the designation Master Artisan.

In the mountainous region, the developement of natural flowers, favored by a constant air guarantees a unique flavor.

The french and more particularily, lyonnais expertise et plus particulièrement Lyonnais en matière de gastronomie trouve ici toute son excellence.

All of our products are fabricated in our company, without phosphates or artificial colors and are based with natural casings.

They benefit from a constant quality control responding to the highest standards. The quality of our sausages is internationally recognized: we are present in Germany, England, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Thailand as well as others.

Discover and order our traditional products: Rosette de Lyon, Jésus, dry sausages or Saucissons à cuire

Enjoy your visit then, and above all bon appetit!

Philippe Michéa