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Salaison Ogier - par Philippe Michéa

Participation au Salon Tavola 2016

La Salaison Ogier sera présente à la 18ème édition du Salon Tavola 2016 du 13 au 15 Mars à l’Xpo de Kortrijk 8500 Coutrai en Belgique.

Le plus important salon belge dédié à l’alimentation fine et aux produits frais.TAVOLA

Présente sur le marché français depuis 1938, reprise par Philippe Michéa en Avril 2010, la Salaison Ogier ouvre aujourd’hui ses portes à l’international.

Nous serons ravis de vous accueillir sur notre stand 426 – 22, afin d’échanger avec vous sur vos éventuels projets et vous faire découvrir nos produits.

Pour plus d’informations, contactez-nous !

Happy New Year 2016!

This year,
Go on-spoil yourself!

Uniquely French, the Jésus de Lyon is a sausage prepared in anticipation of Christmas. We kept the very best ham and tastiest cuts of the pig and the finest skin. The skin is not tied: the sauasge is swaddled as one does with the new born. It can be served as an appetizer or, if it's warm enough, for a picnic!

“La Rosette!” It's Lyon's medal of honour.
La Rosette de Lyon is a long tapering sausage made using lean pork, back fat, spices and garlic. It is named after the skin which is filled with the mixture-the end of the pig intestine (called rosette) in reference to its colour.

Truffles and pistachios distinguish the Cervelas (in English, savaloy) Lyonnais,one of the 'princes' of Lyonnais gastronomy. It is a 'cotechino' type of sausage (served in Italy at New Year) and is light pink in colour.
Fresh pork is minced with herbs, spices and salt: the distinctive flavour is achieved by adding truffles preserved in alcohol topped off by the addition of pistachio nuts before stuffing.
The sausage is cooked slowly in barely simmering water and served as a hot starter or main course with lightly roasted potatoes.

Salaison Ogier has put all its experience and expertise at the service of our clients so that we could reproduce, and you can discover, the traditional products and tastes of yesteryear.

If you don't live locally, you can order online here...

Welcome to our fresh and preserved meat products

Philippe Michéa Salaison

We invite you to explore the home of our traditionally cured meat products.

Salaison Ogier is a company specializing in producing the fresh and dried meats typical of the Monts du Lyonnais under the direction of our Master craftsman.

Our mountainous region, free of pollution, is perfect for the natural flowers,and herbs which create our unique flavors; and it's fresh air for the curing process.

Uniquely French, the culinary expertise, especially the distinctive Lyonnais "savoir faire" for food, to achieve our famous standard of excellence.

All our products are created in our premises near Lyon, without adding phosphates or colourings and using natural casings. More recently with some coatings created by a variety of herb mixtures..

The constant quality control of our products to the highest standards is internationally recognized so they are available in Germany, England, Belgium, the U A E, Hong Kong and Thailand and other countries.

Straight from the region of the Cochonaille, discover and order our hand made, with minimal use of machines, products: Rosette de Lyon, Jésus, other cured meats and sausages as well as sausages, to cook at home.

Innovative: opportunities for your tongue to taste a blast of flavors and your eyes to see an explosion of natural colors not previously experienced from the curing process..

Now, enjoy your visit and above all bon appetit!

Philippe Michéa-The boss